Architectural visualization

Architectural renderings, interiors and exteriors, Photorealistic images, Urban design, Competitions and landscape.

3D Animation videos

Virtual tours for commercial use and competition.

3D prototypes

Modeling of Complex Objects, Industrial products and BIM Objects.

3D Virtual Tours

360º Videos, HD Videos, Stereoscopic tours.

Way of working
To offer our services we have the next procedure:

A) Preliminary Information.  To make a budget as exactly as possible we need the must information about the project. It can be the layouts, sketches, 3D models, number of images need and delivery deadline.

B) 3D Model. We can make the 3D model but if you have your own, then the time and cost can be reduce. Please keep in mind that this model has to adapt to our standard in terms of separation of materials and polygons in order to work faster. Please send us your model so we can make all necessary verifications.

C) Beginning of the project. Once yo have accepted the budget and after the down payment has been made, we start the assignment. During the modeling process we will send you images to confirm that everything is correct.

The images of the process will contain water marks, those marks will be eliminated once the last payment is made.

D) Viewpoints. Once the 3D model is completed and confirmed you select the viewpoints that you wish to be rendered. We’ll generate a bunch of images in low resolution, that way you can pick and choose the views.

E) Materials and lighting. After the Viewpoints are selected we proceed to the selection of materials and lighting based on your information.

F) Preliminary Views. After applying the materials and lighting we procede to render the images in low resolution. So you can make any observations.

G) Final render in high resolution and post-production. After the image has been approved we generate the render in high resolution and the necessary adjustments of post-production. The images are send for your approval.

H) Final delivery and Billing process. Once the final images has been accepted and the last payment made via paypal or bank transaction, we send you the images in high resolution and without water marks.